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Talent-Driven Outsourcing with Qeystroke

Don't settle for average.
We connect you to the brightest developers with a seamless onboarding process.

  • Scalable solution for tech talent shortage
  • Hire in a matter of days
  • Pay lesser than the industry average
  • Work within the same time zone

Talent Network

Escalate your project with our diverse pool of skilled developers.


Save more with our lower-than-average competitive price structure.


We take care of the whole recruitment process so that you don't.


Choose your preferred collaboration model.

Our Services

We fulfill your IT development needs with scalable, personalized outsourcing solutions.

Staff Augmentation

Fill vacant positions with the right developers.

Dedicated Agile Team

Hire an exclusive team of the brightest talent.


Empower your team with strategically crafted guidance.

Outsourcing Simplified

3 Steps To Hiring Top Talents

1. Convey

Let us know if you lack an iOS developer, a backend engineer, or a full-fledged Agile Team.

2. Recruit

Sit back and let us shortlist the most suitable candidates. We'll vet them for technical capabilities and soft skills.

3. Hire

Confirm your choice of candidates. We'll take care of the paperwork and assist in onboarding.


Why Us

Delivering Exceptional Tech Talent For Less

Rigorous Vetting

We shortlist only the best candidates by dishing out coding challenges and live technical interviews.

Similar Timezone

With little to no difference in time zone, it’s easier to hold conference calls with remote developers. No more calling at the wrong hours.

Competitive Rate

We keep costs to the minimum with our lean and mean setup. Our below-industry markup also means you’ll pay less for top-notch latent.

Seamless Onboarding

Easily assimilate the hired candidates to your team with our professional guidance. Say goodbye to onboarding woes.

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