Dedicated Agile Team

Hire a dedicated team of skilled Latin American tech experts.

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What is a Dedicated Agile Team

The dedicated team is an outsourcing model where the IT vendor puts together a team of tech experts based on the client’s requirements.

In this collaboration, we are in charge of the recruitment, HR, and administrative matters while the team is fully devoted to your project.

A dedicated team offers stability, commitment, and grants you full control. Our team works with Agile philosophy, which means getting your product faster to the market.

  • An exclusively assembled team
  • Includes project manager
  • Your chosen communication platform
  • Short, iterative processes
  • Fixed / indefinite duration
  • .........
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    When to choose a Dedicated Team

  • You have complex, long-term IT needs.
  • You need control and commitment.
  • You need continuous improvement and delivery.
  • You want to skip the recruitment process.
  • Process

    How it works


    Let us know which projects you’re working on and the required skill sets.


    We'll assemble a team of skilled developers & tech professionals from our talent pool.


    Confirm the team selection and prepare for onboarding.

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