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Everything You Must Know to Be a Successful IT Consultant

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Since time immemorial, IT services have become widely available due to numerous advancements in technology. We have the IT consultants to thank because we'd be like cave dwellers who struggle with advanced technology if not for them.

As time goes by, more and more people are accepting work as an IT consultant, even if it's just a side job or even just to have a little bit of extra money on the side. However, like many professions, you don't just become an IT consultant overnight because you have to go through a lot of training, studying, and practice first. Additionally, being an IT consultant takes a lot of patience because there are times when you're not earning money, and you also have to go through tedious and often boring tasks.

This article will discuss everything there is to know about IT consulting. Read on below to get started.

What Does an IT Consultant Do?

An IT consultant is a professional who gives advice and assistance on computer systems and networks. An IT consultant is, therefore, an expert in computer design, programming, system testing, and troubleshooting. They are also tasked with advising managers on making their company's computer systems more efficient.

The IT consultant's job is to provide companies with computer support and maintenance. Some IT consultants take on a more active role to fix issues directly. For example, if a network has a problem, they can troubleshoot by themselves without having the employer do the work. This is usually common in start-ups and smaller companies.

An IT consultant can be an independent contractor or part of a company. They work independently or as part of a team to research, design, and build computer systems for their clients.

There are different specializations for an IT consultant, such as:

Project Management IT Consultant

Project management IT consultants are different from standard IT consultants because they work in a team and lead assignments, especially since they are in charge of the entire group.

A project manager may oversee the entire project and ensure every IT consultant on the team is doing their job at a high level. They must deliver the project on time and budget, within its scope, and in close alignment with project requirements.

IT Security Consultant

IT security consultants are in charge of protecting an organization's computer infrastructure from cyber-attacks and other security threats and vulnerabilities. They do their job by understanding the security threats, identifying security gaps, and recommending improvements.

Maintenance and Repair Consultant

Maintenance and repair IT consultants are precisely what they sound like: they're tasked with preventive maintenance and repairs. They help improve its IT services by identifying issues and resolving them.

The Skills Needed from an IT Consultant

Not all applicants who want to become IT consultants can join the field because they need specific skills and knowledge. Below are the skills required from an IT consultant:

Excellent Communication Skills

IT consultants are in charge of communicating with clients, so they have to have excellent communication skills. If a client wouldn't understand what you're saying, you'll be of no help to them. You must describe what needs to be done to the client easily and quickly.

Analytical Skills

To design an IT system, an IT consultant must break down a problem into smaller parts and resolve them one by one. This is a very analytical task, but it's equally important to succeed as an IT consultant.

Computer Literacy

IT consultants have to learn how to use various computer applications to do their jobs. This includes using the latest software, computer programs, and even new types of hardware.

Technical Skills

IT consultants are highly skilled in technology, are usually highly educated, and have a lot of knowledge in computer operating systems, programming, and network systems. Technical skills are fundamental because you need to fix the problems that many companies are having.

Becoming an Independent IT Consultant

To be an independent IT consultant, you'll need to set up your business. You can set up your IT consultancy business in many ways. Below are the most common methods:

Create a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)

The LLC is a corporation that is considered a separate legal entity from its owners. You can do this by having all the company's assets and liabilities instead of being personally held by the owner. This means that the owners will not be held accountable for any business debts and liabilities.

The owners will be responsible for the company's day-to-day management, while the company itself is responsible for the decision-making.

Create a Sole Proprietorship

If you want to avoid forming a corporation, you can create a sole proprietorship business. A sole proprietorship is a business with a single owner and no shareholders. The entrepreneur completely owns the company and is liable for all debts, taxes, and other expenses.


As you can see, there's more to being an IT consultant than just fixing computers and networks. You need to have expertise in technology and communication, and analytical skills. If you have all the necessary skills and knowledge, and desire to succeed, you can and will be a successful IT consultant.

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