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Best Ways to Enhance Your Remote Teams’ Productivity

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The work-from-home or remote work setup does have its perks—one of which is the freedom for employees to work however and wherever they want so long as they deliver their dues on time. However, it is not always a perfect setup. It also comes with challenges that are sometimes more difficult to improve. Staying productive is one of them.

If you and your team are currently running on a remote work setup and want to increase your team's productivity, you may find the following tips helpful.

Let Your Employees Have a Good Home Office

Many remote employees take pride in having a good working space in the comforts of their own homes. Some even go as far as investing in a good desk, a chair, and even a separate dedicated room for work.

If you have the resources, try to help your employees get the best home office by providing them with ergonomic chairs for their desks. Those who sit for long hours will benefit from that. Also, some employees prefer working on a standing desk - another popular preference for those looking for comfort and other health-related benefits.

While employees take time to adjust to the new setup and environment, motivate them through your management approach. It helps give them their much-needed support, especially those new to remote work.

Let Your Management Style Evolve Accordingly

Gone are the days when you could come into your employees' office and check on their work any time you want. When you do that online, it can sometimes appear uncomfortable and awkward.

What you can do instead is adapt to the current setup. Maybe providing defined goals and setting up deadlines would be a better move for you. Ask them to give you updates and be specific with when you need them. Doing these can help you manage your projects better. That would help your employees breathe while getting all the updates you need.

Use Remote Working Communication Tools

Communication is one of the most critical aspects of team management. Forget communication, and your team's performance at work will deteriorate.

There are a lot of remote communication tools available on the web. Many of them can help you keep in touch with your team through real-time chat and tools. Make sure to look for a tool that suits your needs. Some of the remote working communication tools available are:

  • Slack

  • Trello

  • Skype

  • Google Hangouts

  • Zoho

These tools can help onboard new employees easily. They can also help get things done without much hassle.

Utilize a Time-Tracking Tool

A common complaint among many remote employees is having difficulty tracking their time. It is mostly the case when they use multiple devices to do their work. Unfortunately, it shakes up their routine, especially when they are in the mood to get things done. A time-tracking tool can help you out with this.

A time-tracker software lets you view your team's tasks and activities from a centralized dashboard. This software can help you manage them from there. At the same time, your employees can claim the tasks and update their activities from the same place.

Aside from getting employees to track their time, time tracking tools are also known to help improve productivity. It allows them to see how well they manage their time.


The remote work setup has its pros and cons. It may be difficult at first. But, as you get used to it, you will see how professional and efficient it can be. The suggestions above are just a few ways to improve your remote work setup. With these tips, you can help your employees be productive and efficient even with the remote work setup.

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