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The Skills an Efficient Backend Developer Should Have

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Just as the name suggests, backend development refers to the creation of websites from the server-side. While front-end developers are responsible for the visuals of a website, backend developers make sure that there is data and a website to work with.

For backend developers, there is a need for a specific set of skills and knowledge. Without these skills, the developer may not be able to get the website running. It is important to know these so that you know what to look for if you plan to hire remote developers.

This article will take a look at what these specific skills and knowledge are.

Programming Languages

There are various programming languages that exist. Each one of them serves a specific purpose. Some programming languages can only be used for frontend development, while others only for backend development.

Some examples of languages used for backend programming are Java, Node.js, .NET, Python, and Ruby. It is important for the developer to know at least one programming language used for the backend.

Database Management System

As backend developers work with databases, one must be familiar with database management systems (DBMS). Without a database, a website would have no content to show, and elements may not function properly.

Some examples of database systems are MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLServer. Being familiar with more than one DBMS is a plus.

Handling Servers

Without a server, the database will have nothing to run on. So, it is just as important as the use of a database. A backend developer must know how to work with various servers to ensure flexibility.

The most commonly used servers are Apache, Nginx, IIS servers, and Microsoft IIS. Additionally, Linux is useful to become an administrator for these servers.

Problem-Solving Skills

Aside from the technical skills, there is also a need for specific soft skills for backend developers. They must know what the end game of certain websites is and must see it as a puzzle. With this, backend developers need to come up with a resolution to these problems.

In backend development, this means they need to have a great understanding of algorithms and data structures. Without this knowledge, they would not have a full understanding of what the code needs.

Application Programming Interface

An Application Programming Interface (API) is important because it allows the application to be connected live to the same application on a different device. Backend developers need to know how to do this and ensure it is working. If not, their app would not work properly.

Understanding of Security Risks

A backend developer must be aware of possible security risks their application may be facing. They must ensure to add extra layers of security and protect their website or application from breaches.

It is the responsibility of backend developers, and also other staff, to protect their website, especially client data. So, if backend developers can add additional security to their database, it would be better and can protect them, their company, and the clients they have.


While most people are only familiar with frontend developers and their work, backend developers are also an important part of the website. When working with a backend developer, the skills mentioned above are needed. Luckily, the backend developers at Qeystroke were carefully chosen and trained to possess these skills!

If you are looking for outsourced backend developers, then it should not be a problem anymore. Qeystroke will be glad to provide you with what you need. Just contact us to start working with us today!

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