Outsourcing Web Development: What Are Its Hidden Advantages?

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 Are you planning to redesign your website? Without good UX and responsiveness, your business website can cost you potential leads and upset visitors. It's important not to overlook those factors. Especially since it can also lead to search rankings taking a hit. A good rule of thumb is to call on professional help from a web development company.

Usually, they will want to talk with you first before they commit to building the site with you. This way, your business can maintain its voice and brand identity during the development process. You don’t have to spend time wondering about why certain points are being skipped or wondering if parts are being done correctly. 

Here are some of the hidden advantages of outsourcing web development:

When You Outsource Web Development You Can Focus On What Matters

There are plenty of responsibilities involved when it comes to leading a business. In turn, it also means that building a website on top of all that can lead to being stretched thin. There's a lot that goes into site development, both in terms of time and effort. Business operations can fall to the wayside, even momentarily. Search engine optimization (SEO) and the website URL structure can take a lot.

Hiring a professional firm with experience in website development will take all of that off of your shoulders. Just tell them what you need/want, give them a timeline and set expectations. That's it! You now have a development partner.

You can then focus on growing your business and taking care of your clients.

When You Outsource Web Development Things Get More Cost-Effective

Getting an in-house web development team will take quite some time. Aside from looking for talent, there's also the matter of getting new developers onboard. The hiring process as a whole can take weeks or even a whole month! Only then will you be able to handle the web development project.

These are the costs for an in-house web development team that you can save on when you outsource web development instead:

  • Annual salaries (including raises)

  • Internet marketing software and tools

  • Ongoing training as technology updates

  • Web development software and tools

When You Outsource Web Development You'll Be Constantly Updated On New Technology

A little over half (around 52%) of website traffic comes from mobile devices now. 62% of companies that got mobile-friendly websites designed and developed in 2018 had their sales increase. With all of that in mind, it's necessary to have on-the-go audiences constantly catered to.

You've probably come across articles about GDPR compliance on LinkedIn or other business websites. It's not a requirement in the United States of America just yet. However, keeping your website compliant and updated with GDPR rules as they evolve is ongoing. Not having GDPR protection will lead your customers to doubt your sincerity regarding their privacy and data protection.


Web development is crucial for businesses across any industry. The best route for business owners to take is to outsource this. Hidden advantages of this include being constantly updated on new technology, being able to focus on what matters and cost efficiency.

Looking for outsource remote developers? Reach out to Qeystroke today! We can’t wait to connect you with the brightest developers, along with an onboarding process that’s seamless.

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