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What is Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation, and Why Are They Popular?

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There's little doubt about it: technology is here to stay. Companies are in a constant hurry to develop and bring new tech-based solutions to market, whether it's generating the next social media hit or simply a new productivity tool. What's the issue? Internal IT teams are frequently overburdened and may not always have the technical expertise to reach your desired outcome.

The temptation is to search out an outsourcing partner, but you may be cautious and with cause. Untrustworthy suppliers that leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket, as well as an inability to interact efficiently owing to uncomfortable and mismatched time zones.

Nearshore IT staff augmentation is a third option that combines the financial effectiveness of outsourcing with the relative ease of onshore team management.

What is Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation?

Many industries use outsourcing because it helps them locate competent teams or individuals who work outside of their companies and can execute crucial tasks. Perhaps they need the required skill set in-house, or they require more contributors to a specific project or campaign. Whatever the cause, it's occasionally best to search elsewhere.

Nearshore outsourcing refers to the specific places or regions where businesses can obtain outsourced talent. While onshore outsourcing refers to locating external teams within the country of operation, and offshore outsourcing refers to using services from a different continent, nearshore outsourcing, as the name suggests, is about leveraging services from teams located in a nearby country or region.

For a company based in the United States, this may imply partnering with a company in Latin America. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia have all emerged as significant locations for technology outsourcing.

Benefits of Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation

Nearshore outsourcing is ideal for companies looking to develop or launch new products or services within a specific time frame. Other benefits include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Lower costs

  • Increased speed and efficiency for projects

  • Access to high-quality talent

  • Reduced costs

The similarities in language, culture, and business practices mean there's less need for communication between partners, making it easier to work collaboratively.

How to Collaborate Effectively with a Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation Company

As previously stated, the perks include constant connection with your nearshore IT Staff Augmentation company's external developers. Nonetheless, there is still work to be done on your end before working with a nearshore IT Staff Augmentation partner.

Here are some pointers on operating most successfully with your new nearshore developers.

1. Project Management

Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation companies will understand the local market and consequently should be able to recommend the local tools that you should use to achieve the best results. If you are currently not using project management software, start now.

Good project management software connects staff, helps organize work, and allows communication between team members and the project manager.

2. Time Zones

While nearshore IT Staff Augmentation partners should be able to deliver around the clock, you and your team must also be available during local hours to the nearshore partner.

If you are working with a U.S. partner, it's essential that they understand your hours and that you check-in in the morning and at the end of the day.

3. Adapting the Culture

Despite the basic cultural familiarity expected from nearshore IT Staff Augmentation partners, cultural subtleties vary across client and provider. As the customer, it is critical to communicate clear project expectations and have them reiterated back to you by your vendor. It may appear monotonous, but taking the additional effort to ensure everyone is on the same page will pay off in terms of project success in the long run.


Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation dramatically increases communication, transparency, and collaboration between teams while reducing time and costs. There is much more to be gained from nearshore IT Staff Augmentation partnership than one may think.

Qeystroke provides top-quality services for Nearshore staff augmentation. We understand the need for competent IT staff, which is why we are ready to help you by getting you connected with the right people who can get the job done. Contact us today to learn more!

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