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Why Your Business Should Switch to a Remote IT Team

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With the current pandemic, most offices have switched to a work-from-home setup. Since the switch has been made, most offices have seen and learned the benefits of remote working. Due to this, employers have decided to retain this setup even when it is already possible for them to get back to working in the office.

One aspect that many offices have to change when it comes to working from home is the IT services they receive. While some may think that not having onsite IT support will be difficult, working with remote IT experts has various benefits, such as those listed below:

Quicker Response Time

Having to outsource an IT team for troubleshooting issues will require a lot of time and effort. First, you will have to get in touch with them and schedule an appointment. There will even be scenarios when the next available appointment may be weeks away.

However, it is important to understand that not all IT issues will require onsite support. Some issues can be resolved remotely. Having a remote IT support team will allow you to have a quicker response time without having to wait for them to arrive onsite.

Better Productivity Levels

Having a remote IT team reduces the waiting time for a response, which will also directly affect the productivity levels of the workplace. Many employees often spend a lot of time having to wait for the IT issue to be resolved. This ends up lowering their productivity levels.

However, by lessening the waiting time of the employees, it will allow them to be more productive. This productivity will further help with the growth and overall development of the business.

Fewer Costs

Having a remote IT support team will minimize your costs effectively for IT services. For one, they do not need to visit onsite unless necessary, which will reduce the payment for travel and onsite visitation fees. This is ideal for those startup businesses who may want to cut some costs.

Connections with the Best IT Experts

Some IT staff and service providers have specializations. With this, some issues may not be resolved by some of the staff members. However, they may have other in-house staff that can work on your specific issues.

Having a remote IT team will allow you to have connections with certain IT experts. Unlike if you were to have them onsite and the IT staff present is not knowledgeable, you will have to wait again for a new staff member to visit.

Access to the Newest Technology

As time passes, technology continuously grows and evolves. However, some businesses may not be aware of this, especially if they are focused on their business. Having a remote IT staff monitor updates for software and technology will make it easier for your business to have the latest technology.

Nobody would want to work with businesses that have outdated technology, primarily because older tools and equipment are almost synonymous with inefficiency. So it is great to have a remote IT team who can keep track of your technology for you.


It is important to have a dedicated IT staff, regardless if they are remote or onsite. However, remote IT teams offer more benefits recently, especially with the work-from-home setup. Furthermore, even those working onsite may find it preferable to work with a remote IT team instead. With fewer costs, better productivity, and quicker response times, you should consider working with a remote IT team instead.

If you want to make the switch to a remote IT team or have questions about remote IT services, feel free to reach out to us at Qeystroke. We will be glad to provide you with the best IT experts to work with. With one less concern, you can now focus on your business!

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